The University of Nebraska Testing Ag Performance Solutions (UNL-TAPS) is an innovative program developed by University of Nebraska research and extension specialists and educators. Rather than the typical teacher and student paradigm, the program facilitates a number of interactive real-life farm management competitions. These competitions bring together UNL scientists and extension professionals, producers, industry leaders, agriculture students, government regulators and agency personnel to become part of a highly engaged network focused on evolving profitability and input-use efficiency. This low-risk environment offers participants the ability to test a large variety of strategies and technologies, as well as gives them access to a large dataset from the competitions at the end of the year. This program is supported by University of Nebraska extension, natural resources districts, non-profit organizations, industry leaders and financial industries to name a few.

Mission Statement: To fully engage agriculturalists, scientists, educators, students and industry in an innovative endeavor, to TAP into the University of Nebraska's potential to facilitate and create an environment for all stakeholders to work together in finding solutions through innovation, entrepreneurialism, technological adoption, new managerial applications, improved techniques, and cutting edge methodologies for Nebraska's future farm's, farm businesses, and farm families to maintain profitability, sustainability, and productivity.