Description: UNL-TAPS, developed by Daran Rudnick, Matt Stockton, Chuck Burr, and Rodrigo Werle in partnership with the Nebraska Water Balance Alliance, is hosting its 1st Annual Farm Management Competition, where producers will compete against each other as well as UNL scientists for (1) most profitable farm, (2) highest input (water and nitrogen) use efficiency, and (3) greatest grain yield. The goal of the Nebraska Farm Management Competition is to promote efficiency and profitability while giving a chance to learn from those who grow corn profitably. The competition is supported by NE extension, natural resource districts, non-profit organizations, industry, among others. A complete list of sponsors can be found here.  

Mission Statement: "To engage forward looking agriculturalist to TAP into the UNLimited power of innovation, entrepreneurialism, technological adoption, improved techniques and methodologies to help Nebraska farm’s, farm businesses and farm families to maintain profitability and sustainability through the wise allocation and application of “all” their resources."

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