TAPS Farm Management Competitions

UNL-TAPS hosts Farm Management Competitions that evaluate production and economic descisions made by competing "farms". In 2017, the competition was held under a variable rate sprinkler irrigation system; whereas, in 2018, two competitions will be held, one under the variable rate sprinkler irrigation system and the other under a subsurface drip irrigation system at the West Central Research and Extension Center (WCREC) in North Platte, NE . The competitions allow producers to make a series of management decisions that are implemented on the irrigation systems. For example, contestants in 2017 made decisions on crop insurance selection, planting density and hybrid selection, marketing strategy, irrigation scheduling and quantity, and fertilizer timing, amount, and method. The contestants submit their decisions as well as obtain information relevant to their plots through a password protected login. A "demonstration-farm" has been created to show how the forms work and what information is provided to the participants. 

To submit a management decision or to access your files, please click on the link below and  type in your specific farm access code.

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